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Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Vampirella 1:4 Premier Series Statue, a seductive new statue based on the classic comic book character. 
The Vampirella 1:4 Statue stands approximately 19.5” tall, depicting the immortal creature allowing two lesser vampires to feed upon her in a striking diorama style display. The blood stemming from the bites appears to flow down her body evoking the appearance of her iconic red costume. Vampirella displays an expression of blissful contentment as she lifts her head to invite her new progenies to share in her immortality. 
This trio of beautiful blood-suckers stand atop a base of pure gothic elegance. The pool of blood at their feet complements the deep red roses winding up the broken stone pillars. A collection of skeletal remains litters the ground at their feet, a telling reminder of the deadly nature of these alluring creatures.

Add a touch of the macabre to your collection and pick up the Vampirella 1:4 Scale Premier Series Statue today!
Product measurements in inches: 19.5"H x 12"W x 10"D

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