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The prestige and satisfaction of owning a XM piece is not due solely to our uncompromising quality, outstanding designs and limited availability. XM's relentless pursuit of excellence has driven them to push the limits of possibilities, shatter myths and create new grails.

Beyond creating works of art, XM strive to perfect the most important element - the collecting experience itself. Exhilaration. Excitement. Pleasure. Pride. Status. The XM experience is real.

Highly valued in limited availability, XM pieces appeal only to the most determined, discerning collectors.

DC Samurai Series

1/4 Scale Statues

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1/6 Scale Statue


Sanjay & Ayush Nana
Sanjay & Ayush Nana

30 May, 2022

Sanjay and his son, Ayush, have amassed an incredible collection that cumulates in a superhero-themed viewing room that will impress even the most avid collector.

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Jaimie Mackenzie
Jaimie Mackenzie

28 February, 2022

Jaimie has developed an insane collection with an immaculate display area. He has an extensive collection of 1/6 pieces, and being a huge X-Men fan, has the incredible sentinel diorama on display!

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Michael Hogg
Michael Hogg

26 August, 2021

Michael has a unique collection of incredible pieces ranging from Funko Pop figures to 1/4 scale XM Studios premium statues. Among them is a killer X-Men collection with even more on the way...

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