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Repairs & customisations from our in-house artist, Mario Shiakallis

Customisations & Repairs

One of the most painful experiences as a collector is the breakage of a beloved piece. Our in-house artist can fix anything, restoring it to perfect condition. Conversely, If you own a piece that you're really not happy with, we can repaint it or even completely customise to change it from a dust-gatherer to a star in your collection.

Simply complete the form on this page to request a repair or customisation, and we'll send you a quote with turnaround times.

"Mario is an extremely talented artist and I am proud to have him on my team."


Bio: Mario Shiakallis

My journey as an artist began in late 2015, going from hobbyist to professional sculptor in only 4 years, driven by curiosity and passion to better myself with every new project. I consider myself a perfectionist, with a slightly obsessive approach to the sculpting process from pre-planning to the final stages of hand-painting every detail.

The turning point in my career came at Comic Con Africa's Artist Alley in 2019 where I received an overwhelmingly positive response to my work, and most notably, where I was discovered by Damian, the founder of Symbiote Premium Collectibles. He recognised the quality and craftsmanship that I put into every piece, and so began a collaboration that saw me become their in-house statue  repairer and customisations artist.

I have repainted a number of pieces in the Symbiote Collectibles private collection, as well as worked with some of the top premium format statue collectors in the country as a result.

I'm currently based in Johannesburg but, through Symbiote, I can help collectors anywhere in South Africa. Give me any challenge - I can bring your collectibles to life! 


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"Mario is A true Artist - Perhaps the best custom statue painter in SA."


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Customisations / Repairs

If you would like any customisations to existing statues (repaints, sculpts etc.) or repairs to broken pieces, please fill in this form with as much information as possible and we will quote you accordingly.

“Mario did an amazing job bringing my Hulk statues to life."


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