The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Geralt 1/4 (Deluxe)

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“Witchers were made to kill monsters. It doesn’t matter who posted the notice, the coin has to be right, that’s all.” – Geralt of Rivia

PureArts is proud to bring the stunning Blood & Wine cover art to life with one of our largest and most impressive statues to date! Surmounted by the High Vampire Dettlaff with a spectacular 42 inch wingspan (over 1 meter), Geralt of Rivia gazes intently from his throne and gripping a bloodied chalice in one hand, his enhanced griffin silver sword in the other.


  • Massive 1/4 Scale sculpt with hyper-detailed skin and clothing textures
  • Dettlaff High Vampire is a full body sculpt with a 42” (106 cm) wingspan
  • Statue includes the griffon silver sword and his steel sword
  • Exclusive Edition size limited to only 150 units

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