Superman Action Comics #1 - Gold

Myths develop over time. In the case of Superman’s, it emerges fully-formed in 1938, depicted on the cover of Action Comics #1. Hoodlums flee a powerfully-built figure garbed in a close-fitting suit with a sweeping cape as he smashes the car he holds effortlessly aloft; the embodiment of a superhero in a single iconic image.

In 2010, the comic book became the first to sell at auction for US$1 million. Copies from its original print run continue to rank amongst the world’s most expensive, with a specimen fetching over US$3 million in 2014.

Illustrator Alan Quah and sculptor Mufizal Mokhtar’s sensitive homage reimagines Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s Superman with spectacular effect, with 24K gilt in a retro-style patina embellishing the cast pewter Superman. The hoodlums’ crumpled vehicle, with its removable bodywork, is reproduced in bonded porcelain. A sepia-toned facsimile of the original comic enhances the period feel.

Limited to only 200 pieces worldwide, this unique sculpture could take pride of place on an office desk or in the living room.


  • Alan Quah (Illustrations)
  • Mufizal Mokhtar (Sculpt)


  • Numbered Edition of 200
  • Limited Edition Certificate

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