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XM Studios is excited to present amazing Pop Culture Collectibles from the Popular Hong Kong Comics, 风云 (Fung Wan aka The Storm Riders). Produced by ACME, this breath-taking statue is a work of art, the details and essence of the character are captured perfectly.

Produced by Acme Studio:

  • 1:4 Scale
  • Limited Edition: 500
  • Switch-Outs: 2 Head sculpts, 2 Right hand switch out, Light up features at the Dragon's head.
  • Est Product Size (LxBxHt): 76x65x80cm


The story is set in China during the Ming dynasty, and revolves around two protagonists – Nip Fung (Wind) and Bou Ging-wan (Cloud) – who learn martial arts in their early years and grow up to become legendary fighters in the jianghu (martial artists' community). As the story progresses, more characters are introduced in new story arcs.

The first story arc is about the origins of Wind and Cloud. When they were still boys, they were accepted into the martial arts clan Tin-ha-wui (Under Heaven Society) by its chief, Hung-ba (Lord Conqueror), who tutors them in martial arts for a secret motive. Conqueror was once told by a Buddhist prophet that he would rise to power in the jianghu with the help of "Wind and Cloud". When Conqueror reaches the pinnacle of his achievements, the second half of the prophecy is revealed: that Conqueror's rise is attributed to Wind and Cloud, but they are also destined to bring about his downfall. Conqueror plots to turn Wind and Cloud against each other. The rest of the story arc tells of the adventures of Wind and Cloud after they escape from Under Heaven Society. They gradually improve their skills, acquire powerful weapons, and befriend other prominent jianghu figures, as well as meeting their respective romantic interests. Wind and Cloud eventually return to confront Hung-ba and defeat him, fulfilling the prophecy.

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