BE@RBRICK Royal Selangor Mickey Mouse B&W Ver. 400%

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Inspired by the timeless charm of classic Mickey Mouse, who stole hearts in the iconic 1928 short film 'Steamboat Willie', this new BE@RBRICK pays homage to his nostalgic beginnings.

Mickey's upper body boasts a glossy finish, while deliberate diverse textures adorn his body, all rendered in classic black and white hues, reminiscent of vintage cartoons.

Each element of this BE@RBRICK is thoughtfully designed: from the glossy black coating on the head, upper body, and tail, to the brightly-polished pewter finish on the face, palms, and buttons. The lower body and upper legs showcase a dark grey-toned textured surface, while the shoes and feet exhibit a light grey tone textured finish.

About the collection
Some of the world’s most sought after collectibles are by Japan’s MEDICOM TOY. Founded in 1996, they are renowned for unique toys drawn from the worlds of anime, manga and pop culture. Their BE@RBRICK figures rank among the most highly coveted.

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