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The Pumpkinhead 1:3 Statue stands at a monstrous 30” tall atop a beautifully detailed environment base. Pumpkins in various stages of decay and realistically detailed roots and vines litter the ground beneath the creature’s feet. A placard with the iconic film logo decorates the front of the base and is seamlessly integrated into the frightening design.

Pumpkinhead himself is expertly traditionally sculpted by Casey Love in spectacular detail from head to toe. This massive monster boasts lifelike textures and incredibly screen accurate proportions. The paint work, also by Casey Love, embellishes the beautiful detail of the sculpt from the terrifyingly realistic teeth and claws to the eerie mottled color of his skin. His creepy prowling pose emphasizes the disturbingly exaggerated proportions of this beloved movie monster.

Summon some space in your horror collection and pick up the Pumpkinhead 1:3 Epic Series Statue by PCS today!

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