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When Obi-Wan Kenobi first meets the young Anakin Skywalker, all bodes well for the future. Becoming the child’s mentor, he guides the gifted youngling in the ways of the Force, but the Jedi Master’s self-doubt and caution conspire with his Padawan’s ambition and impulsiveness to lead them down a path to tragedy.

Battling the adult Skywalker on the volatile planet of Mustafar, Kenobi gains the high ground, hoping his friend recognises the futility of continuing the duel. He hopes in vain. Keen observation replicates robes and equipment in crisp detail; sensitive modeling captures the Jedi’s anguish. A limited edition sculpture in pewter, on a base of composite resin.
Size: H21cm including base x 16cm x 9.5cm

A limited edition of 1,500 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

About the collection
Royal Selangor’s affectionate homage to Star Wars is a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. This item comes in Star Wars Official Licensee packaging.

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