Loki Journey into Mystery Volume 1 #85

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Size: H22.5cm including base x 17.5cm x 21.5cm

A limited edition of 800 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Trickster god Loki cleverly frees himself from imprisonment on Asgard in his first comic book appearance, embarking on an obsessive quest to rule his home world, and to exact revenge on his virtuous half-brother Thor.

Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, Stan Goldberg and Artie Simek’s 1962 cover art of the climactic showdown atop the Empire State Building provides the inspiration for illustrator Alan Quah and sculptor Ghim Ong’s dramatic sculpture in pewter, on a base of composite resin.

Alan Quah is a respected illustrator in the international comics and collectibles communities. Ghim Ong’s strong interest in 3D sculpting has led to his working on Marvel, DC and Disney properties.

About the collection
A project with Marvel Comics, featuring iconic characters and insignia of the Marvel multiverse, this item comes in Official Marvel Licensee packaging.

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