Batman Shogun - Samurai Series (Gold)

A limited edition of 200 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

NB. In order to qualify to purchase this piece. You HAVE to order a pewter version.

XM Studios’ deft melding of a feudal Japan with its dystopian future is demonstrated to spectacular effect in its Samurai Series, which explores the eternal conflict between good and evil.

Explicit in its symbolism, Batman Shogun astride his war horse tramples the colossal statue of his arch foe the Joker, now in ruins. The armour, whilst authentic to the Edo period in style and fabrication, takes on an undeniably bat-like aesthetic.

This replica, in pewter embellished with 24K gilding, reproduces every element in exacting detail. The base is modelled in bonded porcelain.

About the replica
XM Studios is an award-winning producer of premium art collectibles, working with an international community of talented collaborators. Based in Singapore, XM’s franchise properties include DC Comics, Hasbro, Marvel and Star Wars.

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