Cartoon Bane

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About the Statue

We’ve done our best to capture the physical presence of this huge man. Bane’s size and strength result from the super-steroid Venom (which you can see emanating from his back) - but this villain isn’t just brawn, he's also incredibly intelligent and equally despicable. At Bane’s foot, you can see Batman forced into a cannon. This arguably could be a symbol of the time when Bane broke the Bat, and almost put an end to his crime-fighting career! 

  • Cartoon Bane 1:3 statue by Queen Studios
  • Licensed by DC China
  • Designed by Eddy Li
  • Made of resin
  • 15cm (L), 20cm (W), 26cm (H)
  • Limited edition 500
  • Delivery date third quarter of 2020

About the Character

Born in a prison on an isolated island, Bane was brought up without love or compassion. As an adult, he was a Guinea pig for Venom, a new super-steroid that gave him incredible strength. Yet, Bane was more than just brawn; he was also deceptively intelligent and equally despicable. This man-monster was no one to tussle with.

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