Joker (Arthur Fleck) Premium

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  • Joker (Arthur Fleck) 1:3 Scale Statue by Queen Studios 
  • License: DC China
  • Material: Polystone, Mixed Media Clothing
  • Regular Edition (Sculpted Hair): 
  • Premium Edition (Sculpted Hair with Hollywood Mirror Scene)
  • Deluxe Edition (Rooted Hair with Hollywood Mirror Scene)
  • Size: 41.8cm (L), 50.3cm (W), 52cm (H)
  • Weight: 10.05 kg
  • Estimated Delivery Date: Third Quarter 2021

About the Character

As he walks the streets of Gotham looking for connection, failed comedian Arthur Fleck is forever alone in the crowd. In this cold city, Arthur has no choice but to wear two masks. One mask he paints for his day job as a clown. The other is used to hide behind in a futile attempt to fit in with society. Isolated, abused and ignored, Fleck slowly descends into madness. As his descent reaches its crescendo, he emerges as the criminal mastermind known as… Joker! 


Head Sculpt

This 1:3 Joaquin Phoenix Statue from Queen Studios is available in two editions. The Regular Edition features a Joker head sculpt with full character likeness and sculpted hair. While the EX-Edition includes full character likeness and rooted hair. Both editions are expertly crafted by the same master artists that sculpted the 1:3 Dark Knight Joker, so you can be sure of the same quality of work and craftsmanship.


Body and Base

The Queen Studios team have carefully recreated one of the most iconic scenes from the 2019 Joker movie. As Arthur sits in his chair deep in thought. His legs crossed, one arm raised, who knows what twisted thoughts are running through his mind. No detail is spared, from his tailored clothing, to the bar of soap and brush on his dressing room table, and those immoral words inscribed on the mirror “Put on a HAPPY FACE”.


Deluxe Rooted Hair Version Available on Request

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